This listing of therapists/practitioners is for reference purposes only and is a courtesy for those interested in exploring the expressive arts as therapy. CMTAI does not recommend or endorse any of the listed individuals or the services provided by them. CMTAI is inclusive of a diversity of creative arts therapists across India.

However, CMTAI does not guarantee the accuracy or quality of information, responses, or services provided. CMTAI disclaims liability of any types of damages arising from emails/calls/visits made to these individuals. The therapist/practitioner-client relationship is subjective. Kindly take this into consideration when selecting one that is right for you.

Name Title Specialization Organization City Qualification Actions
Abcdefghijklm XYZ Practitioner Dance-Movement Abc New Delhi Phd, Msc Psychology, Bsc Psychology, Certification Course
Devender Kumar Therapist Visual Art Test Bhiwani LLB
Janavi Dance-Movement CMTAI Bengaluru M.A. Psychology, CMT Course (CMTAI)
Reetu Dance-Movement CMTAI New Delhi PhD student, CMT Course (CMTAI)